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Bedwetting or Nocturnal Enuresis
Approach of Homeopathy in Bedwetting or Enuresis
Homeopathy offers a very gentle approach to treating bedwetting or enuresis, which is actually a grave concern for children. Understanding a child, his / her likings, disliking, his / her behavior, his / her fears, emotional setup is to be known to treat bedwetting from its root and all these things are given a lot of importance in the homeopathic case taking.

By taking into account the patient as a whole and not just the illness, homeopathy simultaneously confronts the symptoms, the patient’s constitution and even his or her psychological and emotional reactions.

The various causes of bedwetting like stress, infections, sleep apnea, chronic constipation, diabetes, genetic predisposition, parental disharmony, lack of proper love and care, domination, over protection, neonatal insults are kept in mind while prescribing a homeopathic medicine.

The homeopathic remedies act on the psychological, physiological and physical levels to relieve the condition of bedwetting or enuresis.

The homeopathic medicines will prevent any unwanted contractions of the bladder and restore normal bladder musculature, function and urethral sphincter control, hence, preventing any involuntary passing of urine.

Homeopathy remedies have been formulated to treat nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting naturally without disturbing the endocrine system and it reduces anxiety, which is attributed to cause bedwetting in children. These remedies are natural, gentle, safe and can be given to children of any age and even to teenagers and adults.

Your child hopes to have fun with their buddies and spend some time together however they may be hindered by the fact that they wet the bed. It is really an awkward thing to confess for kids that they have difficulties holding their bladder throughout their night.
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