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Premature Ejaculation
We want to live longer; same is with sex because here also we want to last longer. Ejaculation occurs when a man reaches sexual climax that is orgasm and semen is ejected from his penis. Most men experience premature ejaculation at one time or another. The question is what is the normal time taken to ejaculate after penetration.

You would be surprised that most men ejaculate within two to six minutes after beginning the intercourse and this according to me is normal.But about 18 to 25 percent of men have trouble delaying ejaculation that long; some ejaculating even before penetrating a woman’s vagina to their embarrasment.

Premature ejaculation can also be defined as an ejaculation that occurs before the man wishes it to occur or when ejaculation occurs too quickly to sexually satisfy his partner
Causes of Premature Ejaculation (PE)
Psychological: This is the most common cause according to me and constitutes almost 90% of cases; I would like to add that tailormade homeopathy has wonderful remedies for such a situation because the remedies act at the level of the body as well as the mind. Psychological factors that may cause premature ejaculation include:
Concerns about sexual performance.
Lack of sexual experience.
Lack of knowledge of female sexual responses.
Guilt about sex.
Fear of causing a pregnancy.
Communication gap between the partners.
Fear of being caught having sex.
Fear of getting a sexually transmitted disease.
Prostate problems like prostatitis.
Neurological problems (Nervous system related).
Urinary tract infections.
Thyroid related diseases.
Hormonal imbalance.
Medical treatments like beta-adrenergic blockers used to control blood pressure, medicines that increase sexual stimulation and so on.
Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation (PE)
Along with homeopathy remedies, there are a few ways which would help you delay ejaculation during lovemaking. The aim is to improve your ability to recognize when you are about to come and then take steps to delay it.

Practice makes the man perfect. According to me, irrespective of premature ejaculation one should start having sex more often. Because if there are long gaps between lovemaking sessions, you are more likely to ejaculate early. Secondly, with practice you would better your performance because you learn which posture gives you more control and pleasure and what are your limitations and so on.
Apply the "stop-start" approach. This technique involves stimulating the penis almost to the point of ejaculation, then stopping; stimulating it again, then stopping; and repeating this until you learn to control your ejaculations. This you can do while masturbating or the best is to do with your partner on top during sex. She stops when you ask her to and starts to move again when requested by you.
Squeeze method. It is basically same as "stop-start" method, but includes gently squeezing the base of penis before stopping.
Perform Kegel exercises. Women practice Kegel exercises to strengthen their pelvic muscles after delivery. The same pelvic muscle strengthening exercise that women practice can help men delay ejaculation. It is very easy to to perform Kegel exercises; just contract your buttocks for one second as though you were trying to delay a bowel movement. Do this 15 times in a row, working up to 60 to 75 contractions twice a day. The purpose of Kegels is to strengthen your pelvic muscles so that you can contract or relax as you near orgasm, delaying ejaculation. (An interesting fact is that some men last longer when squeezing the muscles, and others, when relaxing them.)
Do your exercises later. Please do not exercise just before lovemaking. It is because when you exercise the blood is directed towards the group of muscles which are engaged in exercising and the blood is diverted awary from your penis. So, it is not wise to exercise before sex. But I would stress that healthy life style which incorporates yoga and walking is very important to prevent and reverse premature ejaculation.
Woman on top postion. Missionary postion that is man on top is the most common position and you would be surprised that in this postition the men are easily aroused and reach orgasm much faster. So, it is advised that it is better let the woman be on top. That way you can easily control her motion by guiding her hips. When you become too aroused and are about to come you can guide her to slow down or stop her motions and you can last much longer in sex.
Diet for better lovemaking. Premature ejaculation is often due to physical changes occuring in the body due to aging. Men over age 30 may begin to have problems with premature ejaculation even though their sex lives were fine when they were younger. The problem is often an inadequate blood supply in the penis. When the arteries in the penis become partially clogged with fat and cholesterol, maintaining an erection becomes more difficult. When this occurs, your brain tells your body that you'd better ejaculate before you lose your erection, and a pattern for premature ejaculation is developed. So, how to deal with this situation. We should live a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain good arterial health. Your potency will be prolonged if you eat a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet, exercise regularly, don't smoke or drink and keep your stress managed.
Improved communication. Better interaction with your partner before engaging in sexual activity does a lot for premature ejaculation.
Environment. Having sex in situations that are private and relaxed helps a lot in dealing with early orgasm.
Yoga and meditation. It provides much needed physical and mental relaxation much needed to cure premature ejaculation.
Massage. Massage by your own partner is an extremely pleasurable activity and very effective at reducing stress.
Homeopathic Treatment of Premature Ejaculation
Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual problem among men.

It is not very difficult to identify: It usually means that a man reaches the orgasm too soon. According to me if you and your partner think you're finished too early, then you're a premature ejaculator.

Men who suffer from premature ejaculation start dreading sex and eventually it may even affect their overall confidence level.

There is homeopathy which has various different remedies for premature ejaculation. Each individual case is properly taken and analyzed to select the best remedy for a pericular person.
The success rate of homeopathic treatment in premature ejaculation is 100% if the remedy is selected diligently by the concerned homeopathic doctor.
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